JAF Products repair patch comes in two sizes 4" x 6" (96mm x 157mm x 33m) with approx 210 per roll and 6" x 6" (144mm x 157mm x 25m) with approx 150 per roll.

We produce not only the JAF brand of patch but for many others and if you have your own requirment please contact us for information.

Specially designed for repairing silage bags and sheets. Highly adhesive to polythene and can be used in many other applications.

Please note that the JAF 6x6 patch has 25% more patches per roll than all the others currently on sale - FACT!!! as the JAF Patch roll is 25mtrs not 20mtrs in length.

You can use the paypal add to cart button below just select the drop down menu for prices, and you can edit your cart at checkout ..... its simple.

We only sell the JAF 4x6 patch online for all others please contact JAF Sales.






McAurther patch     Black patch  4x6 jaf

     Vapormatic patch 4x6000084891JAF air tight patch

                                                           Click this link for Airtight patch info.  http://www.jaf-products.com/news.html

                               JAF patch   



Contact JAF 01823 698810 for prices

Email over your logo for a price.




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